Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex- What it can do for You?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex – What It Can Do For You

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought after services in the dental field and as the demand grows so do the number of dentists who specialize in this field. Cosmetic dentistry in Essex can provide you with a wide variety of services that range from the simple teeth whitening process to dental implants, veneers, bridges, filings, gum surgery to correct misshapen or misaligned teeth and more.

There are many people in the world today who are too embarrassed or ashamed to smile boldly due to ugly teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Essex will help you to completely transform your facial appearance and give you a lovely smile. All you need to do is get the help needed to effect the change.

There is another aspect to cosmetic dentistry in Essex called endodontics or that dreaded phrase root canal treatment. How many of us are too chicken to get a tooth taken care of, preferring instead to suffer in pain. Anything rather than undergo root canal! There is no need to go to such lengths, cosmetic dentistry in Essex will do help to clean the bacteria out of the infected tooth and save it as well.

Other procedures that are part of the cosmetic dentistry in Essex framework include orthodontics or periodontal surgery to reshape teeth either through surgery or the use of braces.

The most common procedure that cosmetic dentistry is used for is to whiten teeth. The dentist will make trays that mould perfectly to your teeth; the moulds will be filled with whitening gel and need to be worn according to the doctor’s instructions. This is an extremely painless and easy way to whiten teeth and get rid of ugly yellow stains and discoloration. Once you have visited the dentist to have the trays made you then complete the procedure at home. The other kind of teeth whitening process is the use of laser to whiten teeth and remove discoloration.

A patient whose smile shows more gum that teeth can have cosmetic gum surgery to rectify the problem. Cosmetic dentistry in Essex will help you by removing the extra gum tissue to expose the teeth. This process is performed with the use of laser surgery.

Do you have a chipped tooth or a cracked one right at the front for all the world to see? Would you like it repaired so the full effect of your lovely smile becomes visible? Dental bonding is the process by which cosmetic dentistry in Essex will repair the chips and cracks in your teeth; discolored areas can also be covered over. Composite resin is applied to the teeth in layers and allowed to dry; a laser is used to harden the material. This is followed by smoothing and polishing and then you are ready to dazzle everyone with your smile.
Cosmetic dentistry in Essex has many services on offer ranging from the simplest teeth whitening process to the more complex gum surgery and root canal treatments.



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