Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex



Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex

The term “cosmetic” used in the same context as “Essex” can often bring up some unfortunate stereotypes. However with Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex this is not just about making yourself look good (although that’s ok too!) With the right treatments you can not only increase self confidence in your appearance but also improve your overall oral health as well.

Aren’t cosmetic procedures expensive?

Not necessarily! As with any service there are different clinics out there and each can offer various price plans depending on the needs of the customers. As technology improves a lot of procedures have become faster but equally more effective, reducing the time spent on them and thus becoming cheaper overall.

What sort of procedures do cosmetic dentists offer?

There is a range of possible options available to you such as-

Dental implants
Porcelain veneers
Teeth whitening

Each of these procedures can improve the look of your teeth but also in the case of treatments such as dental implants can also improve their function.

What other benefits can dentistry offer?

There are many examples. One of the most compelling is the case for procedures that help to shape the teeth or replace missing teeth. These can improve the overall function of the teeth, allowing people to eat what they want and not have to stop exercising for fear that teeth may come loose!

How do I know if a cosmetic dentist is any good?

One of the benefits of the modern era is that information is available with a few clicks on a keyboard. Therefore you can very quickly get feedback. Experienced professionals such as Dr Basrai are also happy to tell you themselves about their experiences and what their training can do to benefit you.

Intriguingly a lot of cosmetic dentists are often artists, either in their spare time or as part of their background training. The reason for this is that even though the process involves a lot of technical knowledge it allows them to ensure the results look good.

Of course the technical side is important as well. However bear in mind with some places there may be one dentist working on the design side while specialist technicians work on the construction of the braces, veneers etc. This is not something to worry about as it works in a similar way to an architect overseeing construction.

I get nervous going to the dentist. Can they deal with that?

This can all be covered in the initial consultation period. If they are good then they also ought to be patient and explain how a procedure works, the amount of check ups and follow ups involved as well as how to ensure anything installed in the mouth is properly looked after.

In simple terms cosmetic dentistry in Essex can not only work on improving appearance and self confidence but could also improve your overall health and well being. Contact us now to see what we can do to make your life better!



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